NHS Funding News Update

Last week we saw the breaking news that the Government are to give the NHS £5.4 billion to deal with the backlog caused by Covid-19; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58463493 

As part of the funding, the Government has specifically set out £478m to help hospitals free up beds by discharging patients quickly and safely with community support. Hospital to Home (H2H) is designed to facilitate this process, bringing one source of truth, transparency and effective reporting to Discharge to Assess (D2A). Further, our business case shows an estimated average saving of one bed night per D2A and on the basis of a locality having circa 3000 D2A’s in a year, this would represent a saving upward of half a million pounds! Click below to find out more about the H2H business case:

There is a huge backlog of procedures that have been put on hold because of Covid and the sooner the beds can be freed, the sooner the next person can be admitted for their treatment. H2H will deliver significant improvements to this process and will unlock multiple organisational benefits.

We know from the discovery work done during the LGA’s Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA) just how much pain exists around the D2A processes. However we also recognise this level of pain is matched by the effort and passion of those professionals involved in the process to make it right, to find a better way, so that people can get home and get the care they need, in the setting that is most conducive for a positive recovery. The team behind H2H want to support organisations in these efforts and allow you to focus all of that passion into the people, rather than supporting processes which are currently admin heavy and inefficient.

With this money being made available to organisations, now is the time to take proactive steps in improving your D2A processes and H2H is the answer. Not only can we provide a digital solution to your D2A problems, we can help you make the case for change. When we work with our customers we are with you throughout the journey and so please do get in touch and let’s have a conversation about how we can work together to make positive and impactful change in your organisation and to the people being discharged from hospital.